Ad Campaign: BA-6140922
Campaign Description: 50x visits to your website for 5 seconds, after writing out 3 'copy and paste' selling points about your business. To be delivered within 185 days of purchase, or be refunded @ $0.02000/undelivered visit. Purchaser also received 2400 Bonus Ad Points (BAP) for this purchase, added to account.
Purchaser: Wieczorek
Campaign Status: Delivered
Total Cost: $1.00 (50 * $0.02000 per visit price + $0.00 banner impressions + $0.00 cashier fees )
Payment Method: PV Earnings Balance - Account Balance
Purchase Date: 12-01-2017 - 01:14:38
Visits Purchased: 50
Max Visits Per User: unlimited
Targeting: All Users
Copy Text, Line 1: adiphy da 0,01 por visita
Copy Text, Line 2: adiphy da 0,02 por publicar eb FB
Copy Text, Line 3: adiphy te hace ganar facil
Visits Delivered: 63/50
Ad issued: 108 times
Recycled: 0 times
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