Targeted Ad Campaign
IMPORTANT: Please be aware, that buying Targeted Ad Campaign do not issue any Bonus Ad Points.

If you do not have a 125*125 banner image.
You can opt out of your free banner impressions.
(Scaled image)
If you do not have a 728*90 or 468*60 banner image.
You can opt out of your free banner impressions.
Campaign setup

Enter three lines of text about your business.

User will re-type this information before viewing your website. So tell them about what you have to offer, what you want them to know. Something cool / unique about your business / product, and why they should use it.

*This third line of text will be turned into an image and serve as a form of Captcha to help prevent bots from viewing your ads. Please enter between 6 and 30 characters of text and numbers only. No formatting, punctuation, dollar signs etc. Just text and numbers. A short & simple statement about your business, that users will physically have to type out before viewing your website.

Regular ad views *

This is required only if you want targeted clicks/views to also be delivered via regular ad viewing procedure, and not through a banner click. This way of delivering ads usually gets your ads delivered much more quickly, but targeted clicks through banners are usually far more effective per click. Pricing is also differentiated between the two (significantly cheaper for targeting via regular ad views), if you opt out of one of the way of delivering clicks.

If you want to have your targeted ads delivered only via regular ad views, make sure to opt out from both banner images ( 728 x 90 and 125 x 125) above, for the lower pricing to take effect.

Opt out of regular ad views

Frequency capping *

Define how many clicks can be delivered at most by one user during following periods: (0 = not applied)

Those options will definitely extend the time of campaign delivery. Moreover the list of recipient for this campaign can be reduced.

Choose advertising visit time *

By default ad visit time (how long our users have to view your ad) is 5 seconds. But for a small extra fee (per each ad pack purchased) you can change the ad timer for your advertisement to 15, 30 or 60 seconds.

Force ad view

Pay extra to ensure that users need to focus on your ad being displayed to complete their ad view. Results in better ad conversion as it makes multi-tasking much more difficult for users.

Targeting options
Below you can choose targeting options for your campaign. List our profile categories, by clicking on the tabs then simply drag and drop any of the profile options from the left to the right column and select how you would like to target them.
If you need help in setting up the campaign check out these:
1Select profile category 2Drag and drop desired profile option 3Select one or more profile options 4See the cost of your chosen profile options
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Depending on which method you select, various minimums and maximum purchases apply, along with cashier fees. (Purchasing from your account balance is free).
This will deliver:
  • unlimited 728*90 banner impression
  • unlimited 125*125 banner impression
  • targeted visits of your website

Total Costs: $