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Targeted Ads

$0.02 - $10
Users will copy and paste 3 lines of text about your offering, before visiting your website for 30 seconds. Incredible targeting option!

Bulk Ads

Every ad pack (basic price $1) delivers:
50 user visits for up to 30 seconds each, after copying 3 lines of text about your offering. Plus 25x top of page 728*90 or 468*60 banner impressions & 100x 125*125 banner.

Cheap Traffic

$0.10 per 80 unique visits
Users will visit your website for 15 seconds, after typing 1 line of of copy & paste about your offering. Delivery guaranteed within 14 days. 100% unique users!


$0.10 per 80 unique visits
Limited Promotion: 1$ per 1000 5000 grid impression-clicks: Powerful advertising! Have your advertisement as a background image on our AdGrid - users will see you advertisement before they click the grid!

AdGrid Fixed

Limited Promotion: Super discounts (up to 75% discounts!) on 60 day+ exposures! Buy a spot on our AdGrid for a fixed amount of time - cheap cost per view!

Fixed Ads Auction

from $5
Bid to have your ad shown as a fixed ad for a full day, and receive up 40,000+ unique visitors in a day, each viewing your ad for 15 seconds, after typing out 3 unique selling points of your business!

Login Ads Auction

from $16.00/160,000 BAP
Bid to have your ad shown on first PaidVerts visit from all of our unique users on a specific day. Have up to 40,000+ unique users viewing your ad for %2 seconds as the first action of their session!

Forum Banner Auction

from $10
Use your money for additional advertising with special forum banner spots! Delivery in 160*600 px spot.