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Sex Male
AD FILTER: off - masa2015 accepts all ads
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Bonus Ad Points: 0
Proven Traffic Value: $0.00 Rank: #1840304
Ad purchases: $0.00 Rank: #774767
Referral Commissions: $0.06583 Rank: #65748 with 5 referrals, 0 currently active
Paid Ad Interactions: $0.471 Rank: #381487 from 348 paids ad interactions
Money Gaming Volume: $0.00 Rank: #706746 with 0 plays, 0 games
BAP Gaming Volume: 3038 BAPs Rank: #340527 with 50 plays, 3 games
BAP Games Played: Rank: Details:
Compound Boxes#21762820 BAPs total bets; 2 plays; max play: 10 BAPs
The Coin Flip Game#2244422968 BAPs total bets; 46 plays; max play: 200 BAPs
Rock-paper-scissors#7901750 BAPs total bets; 2 plays; max play: 25 BAPs