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multiline53571 (629 active)$1484.03381$1500.10796
scarloc8331658 (186 active)$528.15419$814.51244
GeneraDinero26936 (21 active)$820.82055$1256.72197
Hersix22176 (40 active)$743.05839$677.39658
Brainy21361 (165 active)$10699.05410$11450.37776
vetrich20882 (25 active)$334.79485$408.97020
fouadwin19868 (429 active)$130.44477$166.16326
dguy18538 (415 active)$2773.17265$2730.60137
pumasfull17652 (23 active)$538.71189$708.73510
tyhoon201417229 (550 active)$1607.09414$1651.43320
javitopinto16776 (45 active)$1683.98360$2465.29887
ashra15947 (35 active)$3325.87061$3313.34069
PipsNetwork15527 (1152 active)$812.40159$765.16184
AssShaker11231 (65 active)$802.85003$1142.57730
DarkLOrdSK10949 (44 active)$3152.29217$2456.13222